Christmas is looming and you’ve got a hundred relatives asking you what they can get your little one for a gift. I feel your pain – it’s the same every year and so hard to think of things that they’ll actually enjoy, and won’t just sit unloved cluttering up your house. I’ve concentrated this mostly on toys – as this is often where I get stuck. Although there are a load of other cute things you could gift a one year old that aren’t toy-based. But that’s for another day!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites here to give you some ideas. Pretty much all of these items we’ve either currently got or had so I can vouch for them being played with for longer than just Christmas Day. As much as I can, I try to buy good quality toys that’ll last, often wooden but not always, that can be passed on when my children have grown out of them. It was so hard to limit this to just 10 items, there are so many great things on the market for this age group! Whether your little one has already had their first birthday, or are coming up to it, they should get a lot of fun out of these toys.

What can I buy a one year old for Christmas?

Busy boards and activity tables are always a hit with this age, especially if they are just starting to explore using their feet to stand, or pulling themselves up. These keep little ones amused for hours with all the different aspects so are well worth investing in. This one from Little Dutch has the extra benefit of being fairly pleasing on the eye!

These cute nesting babies from Rosa & Bo encourage hand-eye co-ordination and can be played with in lots of different ways. They come in a range of colour and character options. My little one loves finding the jingly bunny in the middle!

Also from Rosa & Bo are the Rock-A-Boat Woodlies. These are beautifully made and again very versatile to play with. The characters are the perfect size for little hands and can be played with separately to the boat.

Now a Triclimb is a bit of an investment but ours is played with pretty much daily (nearly 2 years on!). Perfect for a little one starting to explore the world, it can be used for pulling up, climbing, as a den (with a blanket over), somewhere to jump from and many more ways. You can also get additional parts to add to the climbing frame to extend the play even further! We have the Triclimb Double Rainbow, but you can also get cheaper similar items if the original is out of budget.

The Plan Toys Bee Hives Rainbow is a great toy for practicing hand-eye co-ordination, turn-taking, and learning and matching colours. Always a popular one with this age group.

Janod Pull-Along Rabbits – super cute with their flip-flap feet, my little one loves to pull these bunnies along behind her. Great for imaginative play.

If you have a transport loving baby then this one is for you! The SOKA Wooden Double Decker London Bus is really well made, and includes little figures that can be taken in and out of the bus. It’s also a great size – highly recommended!

The Duplo Deluxe Brick Box is a great starter for any little one with their Lego journey. This contains a good range of bricks including some ‘special’ ones to make it a bit more fun for building!

The Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set was a staple in our house with my eldest for years. It’s a great set to use for sensory play and helps to build those little hand muscles up!

What child doesn’t love making loud noises? The Stoie’s Wooden Musical Instruments Set has a really lovely range of different instruments to delight your baby (although maybe don’t let them loose with these if you’re suffering from a hangover!)

I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration on what to buy your 1 year old for a gift, either for Christmas or a birthday present! If you’d like to be first to find out when I post more blogs about parenting and other fun stuff, then why not sign up to my mailing list using the form below? Don’t worry – I won’t bombard you with emails!

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